Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Indian Cricket League- A second thought

The Indian cricket league..
I think this is a very good move by zee which will definitely improve the domestic structure of indian cricket,helping in finding talents, and will give a better, overall exposureto the cricket in india. This and PHL(Premier Hockey League) will also give a sporting culture to india, like in UK and other European countries as they have in football..............

It has been said that it will be a 20-20 format of cricket.
Well, the 50 overs format will be definetly boring of course..
But.. why is it always adaptaton and not innovation..
This has been the scenario in indian art; be it movies, music or reality shows.
Is it so hard to come up with an original stuff..

Ok alright..
I have thought of a format which i believe is quite interesting
this is how it goes..

"Each team will play two innings, each of 15 overs.
Only 5 batsmen will play in each innings, those who played in the
first will not be playing in the second one.
If all of them become out then their innings is over.The rest will play in the second innings.
A team will first finish its innings followed by the other teams 1 innings.
Then followed by the 2 innings in the same way.
Each bowler can bowl any number of overs, no restriction on overs for bowlers.
played in the first will not be playing in the second one.
Total number of overs bowlers in the match will be 60.
This would take a maximum of 4 hours.

If a batsman concedes a maiden over he is out.
If a batsman hits a six straight over the ground it will be eight runs.(the straightness will be defined by some limited area)
If a batsman hits a six on the mid-wicket its ten whose area willl be defined.
If a batsman encounters a NO ball then the next ball will be free hit- as in 20-20 format.

Other rules are same as in 50 over game."

I think the main problem with 20-20 cricket is that there isnt much scope for the bowlers but here i think its better.
I think these changes will definitely suit the ICL scene..
Yeah there are many rules that has to be followed, which makes it complicated, but i am sure this will entertain more than anything else.

The captain and coachs job will be tougher with this as there are so many things to keep in mind for any decisions. There may be a situation where in these rules may lead to some problems (with respect to the game's format), but i am sure they can be sorted out by minor adjustments.


Please do leave a comment to give your perspective on this..